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About Us

About The Moroccan Souk!


The Moroccan Souk is dedicated to sell a unique luxury range of Genuine Moroccan Handicrafts made by Moroccan Artists. Our crafts are hand-picked, obsessively curated collection of the most beautiful handicrafts from the Moroccan Souk Online Shop. Moroccan handicrafts come in a wide variety and of types. Here is a brief list of our unique handicraft collection:

Slippers – Moroccan footwear, often called babouches.

Moroccan leather – Tanned in a medieval way that hasn’t changed in centuries.

Rugs and carpets – Comes in different patterns, colors and sizes.

Lanterns – Very famous Moroccan piece, as they instantly remind you of the beauty of Morocco.

Straw baskets – These baskets originated from the Moroccan Sahara, are always hand-made and are extremely beautiful.

Pottery – The pottery you will find in Morocco is truly magnificent. They are hand-painted ceramics that come in all shapes and forms, colors and sizes.



The Moroccan Souk strives to make every purchase a positive experience. Our top priorities are excellent customer service, exceptionally quick order processing, ultra-fast shipping time, and a hassle-free secure checkout process. We value your feedback, whether positive or constructive and we are continuously working to improve your experience with us.

Established in 2020, located in Agadir Morocco. The Moroccan Souk offers Handmade Goods crafted by the Moroccan Artists from across the country. Youssef Aanga, the founder and the former travel agent, fascinated by the Moroccan Handcrafted Arts, has travelled across Morocco in order to locate the best artisans in each region of the country. Therefore, after starting a business partnership with those artists, we are happy to announce that The Moroccan Souk is the only Online Store which sells Top Notch handmade Moroccan goods, as well as offering several payment methods and shipping services.

The recognition of the uniqueness of Moroccan Crafts, greatly helped Youssef to create an educative and selling platform to showcase and sell Local Moroccan Arts to Global Crafts Lovers. Hence, in 2020 he launched The Moroccan Souk with a strong focus on collecting and selling distinctive local Moroccan Handicrafts. Since then, The Moroccan Souk has been consistently growing and expanding its artists and customer network.